If you have a valid International Driver’s Licence or a Licence which is in English then you are able to drive in Canada. You are unable to drive in Canada if your Driver’s licence is in another language other than English. Your international driver’s license must include a photo of yourself and you will be required to present your passport with your licence.

It is our rule that a driver is required to be over the age of 25 (=26 years old). However, we offer a lowered minimum age category, between an age group of 21 to 25 subject to an Under Age surcharge of $29.95/day. Please contact us for full details.

If you have two or more drivers, you may do so by adding the drivers’ name on the rental agreement. $10/day/person will be applied to your rental fee. Please note that if your additional driver involves an accident without notifying us its name and no payment of the fee, our insurance may not kick in for the coverage.

To help control liability and insurance costs, we may screen for high-risk drivers. We may ask potential renters a variety of questions regarding their personal driving records. Whenever a prospective renter’s driving history fails to meet a company’s criteria, the company can deny rental service.

We prepare a vehicle you have selected. However, rarely, we may not be able to rent the vehicle as a result of repair, urgent maintenance, or delay of the return by a previous customer. In that case, we will inform you the situation as soon as possible to discuss the best way to get your satisfaction. 

We will not charge you a cancellation fee but we appreciate it if you could inform us your cancellation notice by phoning or e-mail us at least 48 hours prior to your booking time. 

All drivers of the vehicle will need to be present and provide a valid driver’s licence and credit card in their own name. Drivers with an overseas licence must provide their country licence, international licence and passport.

Rental companies need to know that their renters are credit-worthy, to minimize a risk from vehicle damage. Loss, fines, tolls or any other incidental cost that the renter might be involved. 

Most major credit cards including Visa, Master and Amex are accepted.

Unfortunately, we do not accept debit card and debit-credit card.

BC Car Rental Tax (PVRT) ($1.50 per day), PST (7%) and GST (5%) are added. There will be no other fees such as administration fee, other levies, additional insurance fee etc. We are proud of our fee structure as ONE PRICE POLICY.  

If you are travelling with your pets, it is best to contact us to ask if it okay. If it is allowed please be aware that additional cleaning costs may apply.

Bayshore Easy Drive is able to provide child safety seats at an additional cost if you are travelling with a child. Prior to your rental or at the time of reservation, please notify us that you would like a child safety seat and how old your child is. We will try and accommodate your request.

The rental charge for a Where2 GPS unit is $10.00 per day. Please note that some of our rental cars offer GPS as a standard equipment. Pease ask us for detail.

No. If you smoke, you will be fined.

You can drive only in British Columbia and Washington State in the US. If you contemplate driving to Province of Alberta (i.e. Canadian Rockies), please inform us beforehand. There will be a surcharge for the millage. (As long as you drive within BC and WA, it is unlimited millage.)

To extend your rental, please contact our office by phoning at 604-688-0121. As long as the vehicle is available for extension, we are happy to change your returning time and date. As long as the extension is agreed with us, the same rate of your current renting will be extended.

Option One: Bring the car back with full to avoid any re-fueling service charge. Option Two: If you don’t have a time to stop for gas, pay us only for the petrol you used plus service charge of $15.00 plus GST.

Returning the car by the agreed time helps ensure that subsequent customer will have their reserved car available upon their arrival. If you did not return the car by the time we agreed, you may be subject to a surcharge.

Yes. You will be charged $30/hour.

You have to pay for it. Parking violation tickets tend to be served at a later date. We will charge to your credit card for the fine with an administration fee.

The charge for a lost, stolen or any damage to the Unit is $300 plus admin fee plus tax. To minimize a chance the unit lost or lure a break-in opportunity, we recommend you that the unit is never left visible location in the vehicle.

It depends on the situation.

If it is break down, please contact us first to consult. We will assist you as much as we can do.

If you caused light damages by a self-incurred accident and if you are not injured, please contact us first. 

If other cars involve but no injuries are found, you must obtain all necessary driver’s information from the counterparts. Also, you must phone to the police (Non-emergency) to get the police file number for processing an insurance coverage. And of course, please call us as soon as possible once you involved such an accident.

If the accident is material with injured, call 911 first to get an aid. Also, please contact us as well immediately. 

Some credit card companies offer protection if you present their card at the time of rental and use the same card to pay for your rental at the time of return. Renters should examine closely the terms of this coverage as the protection is often supplemental and certain limitations or restrictions may apply.

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